Do You Feel That?

Miranda L Reeves

7:20 min



United States

Energy, production, Lighting, Movement Therapy

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Energy is the “vigorous exertion of power; and or the resources that produce power,” therefore as humans we all depend on energy in our daily lives to function. When we talk, touch and interact at any level I believe there is an exertion of energy that happens. We give a part of ourselves to people, however I explore energetic boundaries and how we can create them to those that do not deserve our whole energetic selves. From this piece I want people to feel what the shock of energy exchanges feel like. What energy feels like through two people with trust and what energy feels like with betrayal and when there is no longer trust

All of my works form around a general idea of the energetic experience of the human, within the mind, body and spirit. They all have a beautifully deep meaning to me and I believe each person looks different in each one of those components. To me that is what dance is and my choreography emphasizes the present moment in time, space and energy.