Collage 37

Luis Carlos Rodríguez

7:07 min





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Audiovisual intervention on the film in the public domain: DEMENTIA (Daugther of Horror) by John Parker (1955).Collage 37 is part of a research process in Audiovisual Arts where we try to explore the structural, formal and rhythmic relationships as generators and regenerators of their own meaning and vehicle for a new production of aesthetic experiences.In our work we intervene and construct spatial and temporal variations on scenes from mythical cinema films that have passed into the public domain. We modify, alter and intensify its previous meanings, modifying its significant formal elements. amplifying or varying its narrative value and its structural order and generating a new audiovisual gear.

I reside in Valladolid. Licensed in fine Arts. Specialty Audiovisual Techniques. Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao. University of the Basque Country. He has been professor of the E. Applied Arts of Valladolid.(1985-1988) Currently a professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Valladolid. (1988-x) I have directed the SMAV (1996_ 2001) of the University of Valladolid. I have directed several TV programs and several educational series. I Have maid individual and collective exhibitions of painting, photography, video art, installations and audiovisual performances.