I have no words

Eija Temisevä

4:29 min



video art


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This is an experimental short filmcalled I have no words.For my video making the most important thing is to find a certain "unknown" atmosphere. Even if in this film there is a narrative aspect, I tried to find a poetic expression with no explations with moving images of different accidental inner and outer places and old pictures and memories of people.Moving images with sounds - like "nonsense language" of Renè Còrdova and the repeated words of the "narrator" form memories and atmospheres that are appearing constantly in our minds.

2017 Walthamstow International Film Festival, The Westry House Museum, London, UK2017 Fonlad-videart festival, special selection, Water Museum in Coimbra, Portugal2017 Femmes` Video Art Festival, The Situation Room, Los Angeles, USA2017 Retransmision film and video festival, in several places in Mexico2017 BIDEODROMO Internacional Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao, Spain2017 Fonlad virtual show, Web Art Center2017 The Woman Body Selfie Experience, Web Art Center2018 WOW (We are one world) project curated by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne, Kharkiv, Ukraine ; VAFT- video art festival Turku, Finland; WoW 20., Códec - International Festival of Experimental Film & Video, Mexico city, Mexico2018 Interface, Video Art Event 9th edition, Museum of Tarii Crisulilor in Oradea, Romania and in www.visualcontainer.tv2018 Walthamstow International Film Festival, The Westry House Museum, London, UK2018 Retransmision film and video festival, Mexico, 8 cities: Monterrey, León, Mexico City, Xalapa, Aguascalientes, Colima, Guanajuato, Nayarit2018 La Tostadora – Arten Sonoro Visuales, Other Landscapes; Pereira Art Museum, Colombia; Art Museum Sapper, Madrid, Spain; Quito, Ecuador2018 Moving silently, Niles Essanay Silent film Museum, San Francisco, USA2018 Intermediaciones – videoarte y video experimental, Medellin, Colombia2018 Infusion Art Magasize, Online Gallery – ”Nature”2018 Contemporary Landscapes – International Art Exhibition, Cica-museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea2018 17days Video Series (vol 11), The Bret Llewellyn Gallery-Alfred State Collage, Alfred Ny, USA and Atrium Gallery-Western Michigan university, Kalamazoo MI, USA2018 Yoni Fest – for female filmmakers, at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, USA2018 Cinetoon, Experimental films, Theme: Water curated by Robert Muis , Utrecht, Netherlands2019 London Experimental Film Festival, Unit 9, Project Space, Trafagar Squere, London, UK2019 International Video Art festival of Camaguey, 8 th edition, Camaguey, Cuba2019 Moving Image Arts International Shortfilm Festival, Ryerson School of Image Arts, Toronto, Canada2019 II Muestra Video Arte Faenza, Colombia2019 Moving Silently video art show At the Historic and epic Empress Theater In Vallejo California, USA2019 Festival IVAHM 19, May 22 to June 2 at the C.A.V. La Neomudéjar (www.laneomudejar.com) in Madrid, Spain and Zapadores Ciudad del Arte (www.zapadores.org).2019 II Muestra Video Arte Faenza visiting the XXXIV Festival del Caribe in Santiago, Cuba2019 Lanzarote Art Festival, Spain2019 Latostadora – Other Landscapes, Museo Zapadores, Museo la Neomudejar (https://www.laneomudejar.com/) y Kárstica, Espacio de Creación (http://karstica.org), Spain2019 Darkroom Film Festival, Deptford Cinema, London, Great Britain2019 1 Festival de videoarte SPMAV at the Arts Center of the Federal University of Pelotas, Brasil2019 Moving Silently on tour: in Victoria Theatre in San Fransisco, USA2019 New narrative cine-experiments – shorts, Kino Klub Split in Split, Croatia2019 IV Festival Video nodoCCS, Barcelona, Spain2019 Addis Video Art Festival 26.12.19( -1.1.20) as one of the project of New Media Fest curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia2020 Cine-experiments – shorts, Kino Klub Split in Split, Croatia2020 Esto Es Para Esto film theater show "Ser I" at Cineteca Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico!2020 Vast lab Live score, Experimental films + live music online, Los Angeles, Usa2020 Allft – Alternative Film Festival – the best film in super short category, experimental, Richmond building, Toronto, Canada2020 NewMediaFest2020- Corona! Shut Down? 1st Corona Festival online, curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne2020 Chant for A Pandemic (group video) edited by Dee Hood, 2020 NewMediaFest2020- Corona! Shut Down? 1st Corona Festival online; Marbella International Film Festival, Spain and many other places2020 Bologna in Lettere 2020 - Il festival on line2020 III Muestra de Video Arte Faenza 2020, in Bogota and Pereira (Colombia) and Santiago de Cuba and Havana (Cuba)2020 ALC videoart festival, at MACA museum, Alicante, Spain (online in 2020)2020 Vast lab live score, Fragments of life-group, online, Los Angeles, USA2020 United Video Artists, videovirus art marathon curated by Enrico Tomacelli, online2020 New Media Fest 2020 (WOW-project curated by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne) Berlin, Germany; Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA2020 Fragments of life -group, We open place video wall, Club U, Karlplatz, Vienna, Austria2020 Frame in reference -project, Curated by Matt t. Helme // Pasquale Palladino // Angelina Voskopoulou, online: VisualcontainerTV and on Salto tv – salto.nl, Amsterdam2020 Fonland 15th edition. online curated by Jose Vierra2020 Peculiar-eyed selection of International Portrait -Film Festival, Sofia Plovdiv Varna, Bulgaria, festival online2020 2nd SPMAV Video Art Festival, Pelotas, Brazil2021 Moving-Image-Arts International Film Festival, Ontario, Canada (online)