The greater the darkness the more we see

Alejandra Saldivar

3:45 min



Experimental, collage, animation


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This collage animation is inspired by our brain's ability to make meaning from disparate sensory elements. Through this particular collage animation technique, I create different combinations of live-action footage elements to prompt viewers to draw imaginative connections between them. As these combinations alternate, audiences can realize that their interpretations of the footages are malleable and depend on the context.

Lisa Feldman Barrett's theory of constructed emotion initially inspired this project. Among many things, this theory refutes the claim that emotions, such as sadness, happiness, or fear, are hard-wired in our brains and instantaneously activate given a particular event or situation. Instead, according to Barret's theory, emotions are concepts we develop from our past experiences, environment, and bodily state. Therefore, similar to how a few musical notes create an infinite number of melodies, these three elements can create all kinds of emotional concepts that help us make sense of our daily interactions. In this sense, we do not react to situations, but we predict their meaning based on our past experiences and then act accordingly. In a way, we fill in the gaps.