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REASONS AND ENDINGS Jeff Mitchell Chile English
Hippocampus Ghosts Giorgio Rossentino Mexico Spanish
Over Barry Hall Taiwan Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Yue Chinese (Cantonese)
Llegué bien Gisela Guzmán Mexico Spanish
The Atoms of Reality Marco Joubert Canada
Fragments Andrea Salibra Spain No Dialogue
Pandemic Alexanderson Bolaño de La Lanza Mexico Spanish
We are Islands Mike Hoolboom Canada
Basado en hechos casi reales Mauricio Ademir Ortega Mexico Spanish
Selected Milk (Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized) - Spanish subs Jose Luis Ducid, Alfonso Camarero, Maria Meseguer Spain English, Spanish
[SELF] INSERTIONS | [SELF] INSERÇÕES_Hands Dialogue Lisi Prada | Jose Cruzio Portugal English, Spanish
Humming Moon Rising Hanna Ojala Finland
Already Late Enough Joanna Shears United Kingdom English
Muria Ismael Aveleira Escapa, Marina Diez González Spain No Dialogue
Four phone calls Stephanie Black United Kingdom English
memoria Gabriel O'Shea Mexico
fluxus Reinhard Hoelker Germany No Dialogue
Beyond the red lines Valeria Barbas Moldova, Republic of English, Romanian
IMPRINTED Linda Paganelli Germany Croatian, Serbian
Endless Connotations Sevcan Aytaç S. Turkey
Clownery Dmitri Frolov Russian Federation Russian
Kemp-Barontini : drawings and pictures Cristiana Cerrini Italy Italian
~ to the void Anice Jee United States
Undark Jeremy Bolen United States
And So We May Feel Echos Jeremy Bolen, Nina Barnett South Africa English
Sightseeing Fabian Sigler Germany English
Union Mary Trunk United States English
Bass Rally Bartsik Poland
JUST LIKE THE FILMS Sara N. Santos Portugal English
The Amber Thief Jonathan Riles Not Specified English
The last man on earth Olivier Jagut France English
Shadows on a house Andrew Payne United Kingdom
Blood İbrahim Eren Kilisli Turkey English, Turkish
11,9 d’glids Vasco Diogo Portugal
I N S L I D E - Chickenchris Germany
ORIGINS Simon Allegretta Italy
culture leap (non-linear) Roger Horn Not Specified
URBAN Miguel Angel Barroso Spain Spanish
2020 Replicant Farewell Dance Joanna Morris France English
The Last Martial Arts Hing Tsang United Kingdom
La Citta Reale Hing Tsang United Kingdom
Of Other Spaces Sibi Sekar India English
Im(moral) Code: An ethics to lose one’s way Andrea Grain Hayton Mexico Spanish
Pour nous tous (For All of Us) Betsy Stern United States French
Black&White Eluned Zoe Aiano, Anna Benner Czech Republic Czech
are you haunted, daddy ? (about anxiety) Guillaume Vallée Canada
The Parallels Malwina Czekaj Anna Andrzejewska , Wojciech Stachura , Olimpia Bogusz Izabela Zachowicz , Paweł Kuźma , Igor Fijałkowski , Dominika Kaczmarek , Karolina Martin , Teresa Kowalik , Gabriela Jaskuła Kinga Matusiak- Lasecka , Łukasz Batko , Marcin Tomkiel , Klaudia Cygoń Paweł Majchrowski, Jakub Kowalczyk , Miłosz Konieczny , Marek Zimakiewicz , Maciej Owczarek , Maja Bartlewska Poland Polish
Do You Wanna Look Inside of Me? Diego Ugalde Mexico
Creatures of Habit Diego Gaxiola Mexico Spanish
Phoney Sights Ana Čigon Slovenia Slovenian
Before I Die Nakul Dev India Hindi
Liebestraum Valeria Rodriguez Mexico Spanish
Nightfall Erik Loncar, Ada Reic Croatia
gong batu Shouichi Iwamoto Japan
LUS U René Mühlberger Austria English
ANIMALS Massimo Schiavoni Italy English, Italian
BEECH TREE - ILLUMINATION John Woodman United Kingdom
BEECH TREE - TWIN SCREEN John Woodman United Kingdom
Nude Landscapes Luís Damas Portugal
Letters from Prison Takahiro Ueno Japan English, Japanese
The Walking Bread Alex Gust United States English
existing is a bitch rn Hannah King Bosnian United States English
particles Ingrid Gans Germany
cat's cradle Drica Czech, Laís Catalano Aranha Brazil Portuguese
Heading Out To You Amy Cutler United Kingdom English
Close Enough Miriam Goi Italy English, Italian
Set Me Free Conni McKenzie United States
Absolute deafening void Juan Carlos Reyes Mexico
Do You Feel That? Miranda L Reeves United States English
C3-2 Shanthal Caba Mojica Dominican Republic
Crokot José Octavio Contreras Tovar Mexico English, Spanish
atmosphere Yuki Okazawa Japan Japanese
Unstable Matter Lisa Kaschubat Germany English
Aquatoria Anatoliy Gankevich Ukraine No Dialogue
the life and death of a mosquito Walter Smtis United States
E-stran(e)a mente vinz Beschi Italy
AbstArt_002 Luis Carlos Rodríguez Spain
Collage 37 Luis Carlos Rodríguez Spain English
I have no words Eija Temisevä Finland
AF_SO_MONT_NB Barbara Peikert France Other
Dislocations Anastasia Shubina, Timofey Glinin Russian Federation English
The greater the darkness the more we see Alejandra Saldivar Mexico
Microwave Spider Derek Bauer United States English
La memoria de Alba Jorge Marcelo Espinoza Lasso Mexico Spanish
Field of Vision Diane Nerwen United States English
Quartet with Walls Jordan Fuchs United States
Imágenes de una realidad - Images of a reality Ana Baer, Cecilia Appleton Mexico
La Sabina ana baer, rocio luna Mexico
orchestra for the multiplicity unity of worlds Aleksandra Hewelt Poland English
Hepatica 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100001 Terje Tolleshaug Norway Norwegian
A Human Year is Seven Earth Years Adrian Randall Not Specified English
Soap Film Ihab Mardini United States
Comfortably Lost Ihab Mardini United States
Open eyes in shadow Rrose Present Spain No Dialogue
My Short Docs carl knickerbocker United States
My Pandemic Shorts carl knickerbocker United States
A day so dark, so warm. Emiliano Caballero Mexico English
Imminentĭa Emiliano Caballero Mexico
Contrapunctus I Qunyuan WANG Germany
In West Virginia (Spanish subtitles) Pamela Falkenberg , Jack Cochran United States English
LIGHT Alexandr Bolsheshalskiy Not Specified English
Somewhere o'er the Mountains Kazuma Glen Motomura (bodypoet) Japan English
$hithole Paradise Melina Kiyomi Coumas United States
INCIPIENCE Yaroslav Bulavin Not Specified English
Parallelism Marco Bolognesi Italy English
C L O U D S AIRE Guillen United States
Silent Edge Enzo Cillo Italy
Ħ❦Ш †⚈ ₡ђ@ηğe̟ ⶖ☻ЏƦ スクリーンセーバー Sebastián Sagot Costa Rica Spanish
Notes from Someone Else's Lecture s/n (Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts) United States
PASSAGES Elileon France
The Bearers of Memories Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė Lithuania Lithuanian
The Eve - Short film 2015 (English version with English subtitles) Winner of 303 awards (check awards section - project website) Luca Machnich Not Specified English
Icy Problems Jesús Garrido Chávez, Marcela Alejandra Robledo Mtz Mexico No Dialogue, Spanish
Origami Andy Sowerby United States English
Rainbow Dragon Gabby Sumney United States English
Yollotl (Heart) Fernando Colin Roque France Other, Spanish
New Beginnings and False Starts Mark Street United States
Circular Gabriel Oliveira Brazil No Dialogue
The shudder flies away with open arms, farewell Celia Eid, Sébastien Béranger France
Landscape dynamics Alfonso Santillán Mexico
Online Messages in Cardboard Boxes Mathieu St-Pierre Korea, Republic of
Fragments of Knowable Truth Dee Hood United States
The Seventh Circle Alexandra Velasco Mexico English
A todas nos pasa Carolina Davalos, Aide Luis Garcia Mexico Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
the Myth of Narcissus Olivia Louise United States
Al Atlal (The Ruins) Raed Rafei Lebanon Arabic, English
Opacity Michael Addiso Mersereau United States
Digital Cloth Martin Calvino United States
Life unfolded Bhopal France French
The Blessing Per Gunnar Økland Norway Norwegian
zen_glitch Eddie Lohmeyer United States
Lunar Crane Maria Antonova Russian Federation Russian
SW 9.4 Emmanuel Tovar García Mexico Spanish
Love, instantly! Neža Jamnikar New Zealand English, Slovenian
My Time With You Daniel Escobedo Avila Mexico Spanish
Etiäinen Amulio Jose Espinosa Mexico
Bloom Maria Cristina Saavedra Mexico
Diary of Her Silvia Vera Mexico English

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